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Water Purifier

Livingcare LC-CHP-100



Why Livingcare?

  • Healthy Clean Water
    Drink purified cold/hot water directly. Not from the water tank.
  • No Standby Power / No Noise
    There is no standby power needed. It requires less electricity to save the cost. It doesn't make any noise while the standby mode.
  • Convenient Filter Change
    Filter can be changed by holding and twisting it. Warning sign of LED will tell you when it's polluted and needs to be change.
  • Super Slim Size (123mm)
    Instant cold/hot purified water with TE semiconductor and metal heater technology.
  • Temperature Choice
    Select the certain stage of cold/hot temperature.
  • Infinite Extraction
    Extract cold/hot water continuously.

KC Certification

  • KC (Electronics Safety Authentication) - HC07165-15002A
  • KC (Certificate for the Registration of Broadcasting & Communication Equipment) - MSIP-REM-LVc-LC-CHP-100
  • Colour: White / Black
  • Size: 123x393x343mm (Weight/Depth/Height)
  • Weight: 6.4KG
  • Rated Power: 220V / 50 / 60Hz
  • Instantaneous Power Consumption: Cooling 1.2kW / Heating 2.6kW
  • Filter Structure: All-in-one (Sediment filter, Carbon block, filter, UF filter)
  • Cooling Method: By thermoelectric semiconductor
  • Heating Method: By Metal heater
  • Effective Purification Amount: 4000L
  • Filter Life: 9ms