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Digital Lock

Yale Linus

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Features & Benefits:

Grant entry from wherever you are

You can grant entry from wherever you are with the Yale Home app. Remote access means you can let in family, friends and trusted visitors like the cleaner or the delivery driver – from anywhere – when Linus® is paired with Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge. If someone forgets to lock when they leave, you can take care of it with the tap of a finger.

Expecting guests? Send them virtual keys

You can send virtual guest keys to friends, family or people you trust from the Yale Home app. Our Smart Lock can be integrated with top hosting platforms like Airbnb, so guests can come and go as they wish – and you don’t need to worry about lost keys.

Know the ins and outs of your home

The 24/7 activity feed will help you check who is coming and when – even when you're not there. You’ll know when guests have arrived, or what time your children got home from school.**Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge required

Doorsense™: for the extra peace of mind

DoorSense™ is a function which will let you know whether your door is securely closed. If anything unexpected happens, like the door being left ajar, you will be the first to know.

Safe and secure smart door lock

Your security is our business. The Yale Home account is protected by 2-factor authentication meaning that users will be required to verify their identity with either an email or phone number. Our Linus® Smart Lock uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology encryption, as well as AES 128 bit and TLS encryptions, aka bank grade security for your data. If you lose your phone, you can disable your Yale Home app and all virtual keys at any time.

Accessories to open possibilities

Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge enables voice assistant functionality and remote control of your Smart Lock from your phone. Instantly let friends, family, and home-service providers in even when you're not home. With our keypad, you can provide unique codes for guests and family members – giving them another option for access.