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Yale ByYou Pro

Yale ByYou Pro


Yale ByYou Pro

In a world where customization and personalization are at the forefront of technology, Yale is proud to introduce our Yale ByYou Pro - an exquisite symphony of innovation and personalization in the world of smart locks.

At Yale, we understand that your home is a canvas, a reflection of your unique lifestyle. Yale ByYou Pro is a smart mortise lock, you can the unlock simply via - fingerprint scan, PIN codes, RFID key tag or Yale Home app for a personalized and trusted security experience.

Features & Benefits

Experience the future of home security with the Yale ByYou Pro, this lock type is thoughtfully designed to cater to your unique security needs, ensuring that your home is protected, stylish and smart.

Download the Yale Home app and control your lock using your mobile phone via app, you can:Unlock the door lock easily.

Yale Home is an integrated security solution that controls the opening and closing of your Yale smart door locks through your smartphone application and provides real-time status monitoring of your home.

Control your smart lock remotely via Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge* (optional)Remotely access your smart lock from anywhere. Able to track who access your door 24/7. Runs on 2.4Ghz WiFi bandwidth.

Receive alert notification. Get notified whenever someone unlocks the door – this is especially useful when only your helper is at home for instance – the app will indicate the various timings the door is unlocked too! You will receive a notification when the lock is jammed or alarm is armed.


Type : Mortise lock
Fingerprint : Up to 20
Card : Up to 40
Mechanical key : 2
PIN code : 4 - 10 digits
Thickness : 40-80mm, suitable wooden door.
Backset : 60 / 70mm

Technical Specifications

Front body: 63(W) X 337.8(H) X 26(D) mm

Main body: 68(W) X 340(H) X 35(D) mm