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Digital Lock

Digital Vertical Rim Lock



Features & Benefits

Advance Mode
Advance Mode can be used for professional and high secure management

Magic Mirror
a magic mirror function is applied, which the keypad number appears on the mirror as soon as a user touches the product. The user can check the rear through the Magic Mirror, so that security can be enhanced.

Safe Knob
Only if a user pushes the two safe buttons simultaneously affixed to the thumb-turn knob, the user can turn the thumb-turn knob. Its security is improved compared to normal knob.

Modern & Thin design
It is the Solid and thin design using digital keypad on a solid base.

High Temperature Alarm
When there's fire, it detects the temperature of the inside. It only goes off an alarm but also releases the lock status automatically.

Remove Control (Optional)
You can use the Remote Control by installing the applicable remote control module. This option may not available depending on your country or local dealer.


PIN code : 4 - 12 digits
Color : Black
Front body dimension : 67.9(D) x 12(W) x 162(H) mm
Back body dimension : 48.8(D) x 77.5(W) x 190(H) mm